What White Boyz Desire: An Anthology


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What White Boyz Desire: An Anthology

Purrfect Match by Kelley Nyrae
With the help of a match-making cat, writer, Jasmine Briers learns that just as you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, she shouldn’t judge a man by what she witnesses peeking through her window. And she just might find her puuurfect match.

Invisible Love By Alexis Ke
Alana Collins’ blindness is not what prevents her from seeing that everything she wants is right in front of her. Elliot Duncan’s scent is part of her, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Can he melt away past disappointments to get to what lies beneath?

The Replacement by Yvette Hines
Carter’s decision to hire a nanny seemed to be a wise idea until he begins to battle the guilt of his shattered family and desiring Raquel with a blinding passion like he’s never known before.

On the High Seas by Aliyah Burke
Captured by Somali pirates, Taryn Jeffers wondered if she would survive. Galen Maxwell operates mechanically, until he rescues a woman who makes him face his past. Can Galen convince her she is what he desires?