Submission Guidelines

We are not accepting submissions at this time. 


Submission Guidelines for Parker Publishing

Parker Publishing Inc is a royalty offering publisher, not a vanity press. You do not need an agent to submit; however, we will not accept unsolicited manuscripts. We ask that you submit a query letter that includes word count, pertinent facts about yourself as a writer, what imprint your project is appropriate for, if it is completed, and previous publishing experience (if any). Also include a synopsis of your story that gives a clear idea of both the plot and the characters; and the first three chapters only, no complete manuscripts unless specifically requested.

Query material will not be returned, but recycled. Should your complete manuscript be requested, include a stamped, self-addressed envelope (of sufficient size) for possible return of manuscript. No material will be returned without SASE. Please specify whether you would like your manuscript returned or recycled should we decide not to publish it. Though we strongly prefer manuscripts to be written from the third-person point-of-view, first person is still acceptable. All material must be typed and double-spaced. We are also in the process of accepting e-mail submissions. Name, address, phone number and e-mail of the author should be on the first page of the manuscript, and a header for subsequent pages should contain the page number, author’s name and title. Retain a copy of all materials sent in case the original gets lost in the mail.ently, we’ve received a number of manuscripts with no contact information on them. Please remember to include a phone number and an email where you can be reached. If anyone has sent a query and not heard back, please send an email to so we can clear up some of the manuscripts we’ve received with no contact info. Thank you.

Our review process typically takes 3-6 months for initial query and 6 months for requested manuscripts depending on volume. Please do not call regarding the status of your submission. You will be notified by mail as soon as your work has been reviewed.




New General guidelines for all Noire Romances

We want interesting, multi-dimensional characters who leap right off the page and into the lives and hearts of our readers. Make them ready to find and accept love, in spite of all the obstacles in their way. Strong stories evolve from strong emotional conflicts. Even though readers intuitively understand the hero and heroine will eventually get together, the story is in how they accomplish this goal, how they solve both their internal and external conflicts and the barriers keeping them apart in order to achieve that happily ever after ending. We are seeking sensual romances with intriguing plots, unexpected twists, strong writing, and a pace that grabs readers’ attention from page one and holds it to the very end.

Addendum to General Guidelines:

Parker Publishing is looking for the BEST in multicultural fiction-be it in Romance, Mystery, Paranormal, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Chick-Lit, etc. WHAT WE DO NOT WANT is “urban fiction” featuring the stereotyped drug dealer, thug, baby mama, stripper or rapper. There are enough of those novels on the market as it is. We are offering our diverse readership something positive that reflects who we are as people. We want to see positive portrayals of multicultural life and love. Characters who show disrespect for themselves, for others and their communities are NOT acceptable for our company.


New Imprints – Noire Entice, Noire Fever, Lotus Blossom & Moxie

We have added FOUR new imprints to the Parker Publishing roster-Entice, Noire Fever, Lotus Blossom and MOXIE, our Young Adult line.

Entice is our interracial imprint. Readers who love I/R’s asked for it and we at Parker Publishing listened. These novels reflect the beauty and diversity of love in its infinite variety. We want strong, savvy heroines and sigh-inducing heroes who know exactly what (and who) they want and are willing to do what it takes for the happy ending. Entice characters are the next generation of I/R’s that focus on other aspects of a relationship besides the most obvious one.

Lotus Blossom is our multicultural romance line featuring heroines and heroes of varying ethnicities. In the romance landscape, too many groups are either ignored or relegated to the role of “best friend” of the heroine/hero. Lotus Blossom is out to change that perception. We want to see Asian-Pacific Islanders, Middle Eastern, Aboriginal, Native American characters living life and falling in love just like everyone else.

We decided to bring back the Noire Fever imprint as our erotic/erotic romance line. Noire Fever stories will be so HOT that each should come with its own pair of asbestos gloves (designer, of course). In all seriousness, Noire Fever treads into the forbidden territory of women’s desires without fear or censure. However, the higher heat quotient is no excuse to write pornography or to denigrate women. The sexual content shouldn’t be the whole of the story, but a seamlessly woven and integral part of it.


General Guidelines

  • 80,000 – 90,000 word count. (70,000 is acceptable for Noire Passion, Moxie and Noire Fever).
  • We are open to Contemporary, Historical, Futuristic/Alternate Universe, Paranormal, Fantasy, Science-Fiction, and Romantic Suspense.  What we are NOT open to are stereotyped depictions that denigrate a community or a group.
  • Heroine and Hero should not be emotionally or sexually involved with anyone else, unless previously discussed with an editor. (Exceptions are made for Noire Passion and Noire Fever).
  • While safe sex and pregnancy prevention are contemporary issues, it will be up to the author’s discretion as to the usage of condoms and other methods of birth control.
  • Hero must be three-dimensional character (avoid stereotypes) and a positive role model (with issues of course!). He must be honest, financially stable (regardless if he’s white or blue collar), law abiding, likable, sympathetic with respect for women.  He can be a rogue, but a loveable one (think Han Solo or Captain Jack Sparrow).
  • Heroine must be a three-dimensional character (avoid stereotypes) and financially independent with an interesting profession or career. She should be sensitive, warm, charming and easily relatable. We welcome ALL size heroines, and would love to see a happy, well-adjusted plus-sized diva who gets the hunk.
  • While people in real life do swear, try to keep the use of profanity to a minimum in dialogue or narrative.  Vulgar language, especially in intimate scenes between the hero and heroine, is never a substitute for sensuality.

Noire Allure

Noire Allure romances celebrate Black love wherever it may be found.

  • Both Heroine and Hero must be Black (African, African-American, Caribbean, etc).
  • Story should be primarily from the Heroine’s POV, but the Hero’s POV can also be used to explore cultural, racial, and class differences.
  • Romance should develop at a realistic pace.
  • Sexual tension is encouraged.
  • Sex scenes should be sensual but not graphic.
  • Do not shy away from political, cultural, and class issues, but do your research, and remember—it’s still all about the ROMANCE.

Noire Passion

Noire Passion romances combine romance with a higher level of eroticism than Allure.

  • Both Heroine and Hero must be black (African, African-American, Caribbean etc)
  • Love scenes between the hero and heroine must be more than just physical encounters. They must be passionately charged, emotional, and sensually driven.
  • Love scenes should be more sensual.
  • Hero and Heroine must fall in love with one another and end up in a monogamous relationship.
  • Milder forms of love play are acceptable (i.e. handcuffs, silk scarves/ties, blindfolds, etc.).  No golden showers, non-consensual or hardcore BDSM, pedophilia, rape as seduction, necrophilia, and bestiality (in the case of shape shifters, sex must occur while characters are in human form).

Noire Fever

Noire Fever stories are wild, wicked and daring.  They stimulate, they entice, and they’re not PC because women’s fantasies shouldn’t be either.  They joyfully and richly celebrate ALL the erotic possibilities of black women regardless of shape or shade.

  • Heroine must be black (African, African-American, Caribbean etc)
  • The hero can be of any race or culture.
  • Love scenes should be explicit and leave nothing to the imagination.  Engage all of the reader’s senses – not just the obvious ones.
  • Unlike Noire Passion and Allure, there doesn’t have to be a standard HEA (Happily Ever After) and the Heroine doesn’t have to fall in love with the hero or end up in a conventional relationship.  If she’s satisfied, so are we.
  • More advanced forms of BDSM (canes, whips, spreader bars, etc.) are much more acceptable for this line.  Like the Noire Passion imprint, no golden showers, non-consensual sex or pedophilia, rape as seduction, necrophilia, and bestiality (in the case of shape shifters, sex must occur while characters are in human form).
  • While words such as “c**k,” “f**king,” and “pu**y” are allowed, it’s knowing when and how to use them effectively that makes an erotic love story memorable.

Noire Entice

Noire Entice romances celebrate the richness and variety of interracial love.

  • Heroine must be Black (African, African-American, Caribbean, etc).
  • Hero should be of another race.
  • Story should be primarily from the Heroine’s POV, but the Hero’s POV can also be used to explore cultural, racial, and class differences.
  • Romance should develop at a realistic pace.
  • Sexual tension is encouraged.
  • Love scenes can be more sensual.
  • Entice is the next generation of interracial romance.  We’ve come a long way from the “society won’t accept us” paradigm and these stories should reflect a new attitude.  If it’s truly integral to the plot—such as in a historical context—then do not shy away from the cultural issues.  However, do not beat the reader over the head with them or make them insurmountable, especially in a modern contemporary setting.  In short, do not make the reader wonder why these two people are getting together in the first place.

Lotus Blossom

Lotus Blossom celebrates multicultural love and desire featuring heroines and heroes of varying ethnicities.

  • Both heroine and hero can be of any ethnicity normally not represented in romance fiction (i.e. Asian-Pacific Islander, Native American, Middle Eastern, etc.)
  • Be sensitive to cultural mores—do your research.  Details such as food, clothing, language and other descriptive tags add vibrancy and richness to your characters.
  • If there are cultural differences between the characters, weave them naturally into the story. Remember that color isn’t the only reason cultures sometimes collide (religion, class, traditions, etc.).
  • Love scenes between the hero and heroine must be more than just physical encounters. They must be passionately charged, emotional, and sensually driven.
  • Love scenes should be explicit and leave nothing to the imagination.  Engage all of the reader’s senses – not just the obvious ones.
  • Hero and Heroine must fall in love with one another and end up in a monogamous relationship.

General guidelines for other Parker Fiction Imprints

The Zora and Isis imprints publish Mainstream Fiction, Speculative Fiction and Literary Fiction titles that predominately feature African-American characters. We are seeking fiction titles that will illuminate, inform and champion Black lives, experiences, history and futures.

  • 80,000 to 120,000 word count.
  • We are open to Contemporary and Historical.
  • We will review novels written in first person POV, but we prefer third person


Zora titles highlight fiction that breaks down the genre barriers to tell a human story, explore universal themes, and be provocative. Zora titles are more character driven and offer unique prose that will stand the test of time. Mysteries, Thrillers, Crime, Detective, Action-Adventure, Humor and Chick Lit could fall into this category as well. TheZora imprint encompasses mystery, historical, literary, action-adventure and humor stories.  Humorous (and positive) family tales of life and love (and we all have them) are welcome here too.

  • 80,000 – 90,000 words
  • Actively seeking Mysteries, Action-Adventure and Historical fiction.


Isis is our speculative fiction, science-fiction, fantasy and horror imprint.  Space opera or a world-building epic, Isis is the line for you.  Create alternate realities and histories.  Vampires and werewolves are fine, but don’t get bogged down in what’s “hot”; let your imagination soar!  Give us creatures and stories from other mythologies or better yet, craft an entirely new world. We are seeking titles that will challenge convention and take the reader on an esoteric journey of the imagination. 

  • 80,000 – 120,000 words
  • Looking for High Fantasy along the lines of Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time series.
  • Also looking for world-building/alternate universe-type stories.



mox·ie  (mŏk’sē)
n.   Slang

  • The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.
  • Aggressive energy; initiative:
  • Skill; know-how.

MOXIE is Parker Publishing’s multi-ethnic, multi-faceted YA imprint.  As the name suggests, these are stories that feature strong, resourceful young heroines in a variety of genres, from contemporary to science-fiction and fantasy.  Crossing all ethnic and social boundaries these stories will speak authentically to the realities of young women from all walks of life.  MOXIE won’t shy away from controversial subjects relevant to the lives of today’s young women, but it won’t be preachy.  TheMOXIE heroine surmounts all obstacles in her path, and learns lessons from each.  MOXIE heroines are the antithesis of unrealistically pretty and shallow characters that have been popularized in much of YA fiction.

  • Multi-cultural heroines of all shapes and shades who are strong and resourceful
  • No unnecessary violence or language
  • Contemporary social issues handled age-appropriately (no Gossip Girl-type stories)
  • Solutions-oriented stories, realistic solutions
  • Especially seeking High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and Alternate Universe stories.

Guidelines for Parker Publishing Non-Fiction


Sojourn is our non-fiction imprint that will feature an array of subjects and themes targeted toward the African American audience. We are looking for titles in history, celebrity memoirs, timely biographies, cutting-edge books in science, current affairs, travel literature, reference titles, education books, self-help and general narrative nonfiction. We are seeking titles that will stimulate the mind, body and spirit of the black community.  Give us positive, life-affirming books that reflect the beauty and diversity of black culture.