Fire Opal Books

The world of publishing is changing. While print books will never go out of production, the eBook evolution is making inroads into overall sales. In 1996 eBook downloads totaled $1 million and in 2009 over $117 million. With the release of the Amazon Kindle, Sony e-reader, B&N Nook and a number of other platforms for reading on your-reader, I-Phone, smart phones and net-books.  Also, the cost of keeping a print inventory is prohibitive, many publishers are now doing print on demand instead of a massive print runs that need to be warehoused. Book publishing is never going to be the same again.

The advantage of a small publisher is that today’s large publishers can no longer take the time to train and maintain mid-list authors. This job of preparing authors for the next step up in their career has fallen to the small publishers.  At Parker Publishing, we work with our authors, training them for their future as writers. We encourage our authors to write for other publishers, to broaden their experiences in writing in different genres and working with other editors. We are always looking for great writers with terrific stories.

All genres should have strong characters with strongly motivated goals interwoven into a well-written, realistic story.

Characters can be of any ethnic or cultural background. We want diversity. Modest advances, but does pay royalties.

All books will be released in both e-book format for all e-readers and Print on Demand. Fire Opal Books is looking for submissions in all genres. While partials are considered, we prefer to see completed manuscripts. All romance genres should have strong characters with strongly motivated goals interwoven with a well-written, realistic story. Lengths vary by imprint. Seeing the romance unfold should always be the core element of the stories.

Submit either the first three chapters and a synopsis, or completed manuscripts with synopsis to Fire Opal Books: