River Madness

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The mighty Mississippi River is a crazy, dangerous place with menacing threats hiding just beneath the surface.

Jake Stewart, a licensed riverboat pilot, understands the dangers he faces. What he doesn’t understand is Coralee Martin, a woman with deep, dark secrets as dangerous as the hidden hazards of the perilous river.

Coralee, hiding from her con-artist husband, knows she can’t expose Jake to the threat of her past. When her husband finds her, she flees again putting the Atlantic Ocean between her and her fears knowing she risks Jake’s love.

From the glittering salons of the massive showboats of the Mississippi River to the explosive energy of the music halls in Paris, Coralee and Jake fight for each other and the love they share, while searching for happiness in the depths of their souls.

About the Author

Mildred Riley is 94 years young and still writing.  Watch for her upcoming book Yamilla’s Legacy coming in March 2014.

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