Naughty Girls With Badges

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Upholding the law is a dirty job…but someone has to do it and nothing is sexier than a woman with a badge and a gun.

Naughty Girls With Badges brings together novellas from three of the most popular, best-selling authors of romance: Kayla Perrin, Wayne Jordan and J.M. Jeffries. Join them as their ‘bad girl’ heroines bend the law, break some hearts, and catch themselves a good guy.

In Kayla Perrin’s Breaking The Rules Tia Harrison pulls over Thaddeus Monroe, thinking it’s just a routine traffic stop. When she’s handcuffed to the sexy football player, she’s in for the ride of her life with a destination even she doesn’t suspect will end in ‘Happily Ever After.’

By Her Command by Wayne Jordan has under cover detective, Alesha Franklyn, strutting her stuff at a strip club in an attempt to catch a kidnapper. Little does she know, she’s the one who will be taken hostage by school teacher, Dane Richards who has more on his mind than teaching her a lesson.

Making Her Purr by J.M. Jeffries. Shapeshifting bounty hunter Veronica Drake is hot on a mission of revenge when she runs headlong into sexy FBI agent Jackson Sterling. She must choose between vengeance and revealing a shadow world of werewolves, vampires and demons, while following her wayward heart.