$13.95 print $3.99 ebook Yvonne has been living life fairly carefree until the sudden resurface of her dead maker, Magnus. She thinks he wants revenge, but all he wants is her. She can’t resist him. He is just as mouthwatering to her now as he was when he created her two hundred and fifty years […]

River Madness

$12.95 Print Amazon.com $4.99 ebook Amazon.com The mighty Mississippi River is a crazy, dangerous place with menacing threats hiding just beneath the surface. Jake Stewart, a licensed riverboat pilot, understands the dangers he faces. What he doesn’t understand is Coralee Martin, a woman with deep, dark secrets as dangerous as the hidden hazards of the […]


Debut Author $12.95 print Amazon.com $2.99 ebook Amazon.com Life for Noah Scott changes drastically when he is accepted to Hollowstone Academy, one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the country set in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee. Within the hallowed halls of the illustrious school, Noah soon discovers that the world of the privileged […]

Remember This

$12.95 print Amazon.com $3.99 ebook Amazon.com Ex-ballerina turned rehab designer Cece Newman competes in a reality show that could give her fledgling company the boost that it needs. Assigned a relic of a house, she is dismayed to find the house is owned by her ex-fiancé and baby daddy, Brock Thorn. With design skills in hand, Cece […]


$3.99 ebook Amazon.com Charly Beaudelaire has fooled many powerful men.  Completely discounted due to her good looks, she makes for the perfect spy.  Unfortunately, FBI agent Leo Santos finds out the hard way that he can’t make the beauty do anything she doesn’t want to.   In desperate need to capture and destroy a man who obliterated his childhood, Agent […]